February 22, 2010

Flipping Fantastic: The Setting

Let us re-visit the setting of the short story,"Flipping Fantastic" by  Jane Langford.

What is the setting for this story?

The  places where the story revolve around is the home of Tristan and James. The other places mentioned are Peter Hill Primary where the play was staged,Chesterlea Grange where Tristan,James and their mother visited to enroll Tristan and Highfields Secondary School where James will continue with his secondary education.

We can assume that the twins live with their mother in a comfortable home which is disabled-friendly. Nothing is mentioned of a father in the story and so it is safe to assume as well that the mother is a single parent. The twins found their home a relaxing place to pursue their own interests with the love,support  and encouragement of their mother.

Peter Hill Primary is where the twins had their primary level education. It must be somewhere  near the home of the twins.

Chesterlea Grange is a fully residential school for special children. It is fully equipped with facilities for the physically challenged to acquire knowledge and survival skills. Here, the students will have a whale of a time playing sports,acting in plays as well as to spend their time leisurely  in the indoor video and games room.The environment is refreshingly clean, healthy and cheerful to promote the well-being of its residents. It is unlikely to be near the twin's home.

Highfields is a normal day school for students to pursue secondary education.

What about the time?

It is now, in present day.

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