February 21, 2018

The Yee Sang Meal

Juliana and I were invited to Uncle Ooi's home at Bukit Utama on 17 February. (Third CNY Day). Met Kim, Nicholas and Michelle.
The CNY Crowd having fun in the Year of the Doggie!

We got in early as the first two guests.

Good to celebrate CNY in a home, though.

Lousang up to the Sky!

Met again the old friends like Kamarul  and wife from SB and of course Patrick Pillay and his wife, Carmel.

Met Shafi and wife, Hasmah and the two Mogadishu ladies domiciled in Italy.. Shamirah and Shirin. Their son, Gabriel came along too.

We had Yee Sang tossing. The food included  Briyani Chicken, satay, papadam and vegetable.

A lot of borak-borak and infernal politics

Good outing.

January 28, 2018

Getting Personal: Much Ado About Nothing

Passion and Compassion

There I was entreating my ex colleagues and friends to give something to the Dato' Ooi Eow Jin and Raymond Fund.

Yes, sometimes there were friends who reacted; and those who responded because of their own sacred hearts to give what they can.

I did get some reminders that they  have already given. Bless their hearts, Oh my Lord!

Then, out of the blue, came these scathing two paragraphs from a supposedly close friend, belting lots  of  fire and brimstone about me trying to make him guilty for not having given to the Fund.

I wonder why is he so irritated; so aggravated?

Has God spoken to him and he felt anger?

There are many hearts out there who would give even more but haven't. This could be another golden opportunity for them to build treasures in heaven!

Then there are those that wouldn't give even a mite, tossing their guilty conscience every night as they lay their heads fitfully on their soft billowing feather pillows!

Quesera Sera....whatever will be will be....

Such persons should never have crossed my path and vice-versa...


January 06, 2018

Friends and Relatives Who Left Us

As the River Flows in Serenity, They all go to Eternity 

Years may come, years may go,
Some years go fast, some are slow,
Some are sad, very bad,
Some are good, very glad.
For each one, we must sum,
If its bane, or is it boon!

In no particular order, as I recollect.

These relatives and friends have gone,
On to the other side.
The Heaven side!


Shaline Heng - Sister
Donny Heng - Brother


Ooi Eng Chor
Au Leck Chye
Ong Siew See
James Seow
Gloria Leong
Chew San Peng
Chai Kim Soon
Leela Ramadas
Lai Sai Mai
Noriyah Ahmad
Fatimah Raya Nasron
Ernest Jayasuria
Michael Brain Jantau
Mohd Nor Ali

January 04, 2018

Hearts of Gold

On the outset of the worst floods ever in Penang, we decided to collect some money to donate to the victims.

The brainchild of Mohamedsha, we managed to raise RM5,600  of pledges for the purpose. We finally got RM5,500.

This fund was distributed to the Silver Jubilee Home for the elderly, (RM2,000), Puspanita Pulau
Pinang (RM2,000) and the fina;l RM 1,500 was sent to the rohinyas via Learning Bridge.

With that we have done our part for the Flood vicxtims of Penang.

With hte last payment remitted yeaterday (3 January), we claose our accounts.

I thanked those hearts of gold for caring!

January 01, 2018

New Year Lunch at the Porkers

First lunch of the year!

Meat at Porkers.

Pork Ribs on the Rack :  Indian Style at Solaris Dutamas

12.00 Noon.

Bryani with embedded Pork pieces

Won't serve earlier.

 You have to wait!

December 30, 2017

Milestones of 2017

Santa Julia

Well, its that time again. The Old Year is packing up to go.

The New Year is waiting on the threshold for the tick of midnight!

Peals of laughter,strains of Auld Lang Syne.

Some years come, pretty fast,

Some years go oh so slow,
For each one, let's be glad, 
Lets be happy...and not be sad!

Let's put on the  "Replay"button !

What happened in January?

School starts,

Monday Blues,
Students new,
Some upstarts!

What happened in February?

Chinese New Year,

Reunion in Pantai,
Lousy food, 
Lets not brood!

What happened in March?

Birthday boy,

Turned 65,
Wanna cry?
Lets have joy!

What happened in April?

April showers,

Nocturnal Sumatras!
Some new mantras,
Days are slightly slower!

What happened in May?

Having fun,

Charsiew buns,
Not in trance,
Day is done!

What happened in June?

Days of Summer,

Afternoons for bummers,
Nights for dreamers,
Dawns for schemers!

What happened in July?

Wedding bells,

Summer sales,
Movie shows,
Telling tales!

What happened in August?

Noon day sun,

Morning runs,
Chee cheong fun,
Our USM lunch!

What happened in September?

Dropping leaves,

Carpets gold,
Tales be told,
None believed!

What happened in October?

Skies are gray,

Time to pray,
Making hay,
Sing and sway!

What happened in November?

Rejang  bound,

Kapit town,
Bintulu rounds,
Safe and sound!

What happened in December?

Count your debts,

What a fright,
Dreadful sight!
New year bright!

December 23, 2017

Roselyn the Author

Maiden Speech by the Author: Great Start!

Maiden Speech for author Roselyn Chuah.

Cantik! Tahniah!

Roselyn autographing the books before the Breakfast Meeting

Her first book about a family of Brahminy Kites"took  flight " at all MPH Book Stores yesterday. It retails for RM 24.90.

Breaking the Ice. Francis, Miss Phang Sow Yoong, Roselyn and Joyce.

In conjunction with the sale of her book, I met up with Roselyn yesterday morning (22 December 2017)for breakfast at McDonald's, in SS2, Petaling Jaya at 9.30 am.

Warm Up!

The dynamics of the morning was uncannily crispy. Meeting that morning with Roselyn were Francis, Joyce, Mangai, Miss Phang and me. I have not seen all these friends for quite some time. We had our autographed copies of  "A Home in the Park. "

Easily to read and digest, the book was spiced up with such lovely illustrations which I haven't seen in such a long time.

The Dynamics of A Driven Group!

We were to discuss other related things. Joyce spoke of her trip into the interior of Sarawak..,,up the Baram River to the Barios of the Kelabit and the Penans, I told them about the upriver journey  I took up the Rejang to Kapit. Sow Yoong told us about the launch of her Education for Life Programme that she will launched in March 2018 in Jaya One.

To reinforce the need to expose the concerns of Taman Rimba TTDI which we will lose permanently to developers, we agreed that we should arranged Nature Walks soon  under the guidance of Roselyn.

Joyce Meets Mangai

Good meeting and we create memorable moments!