October 15, 2017

Playboy Days

Three Adorable Bunnies. Seated  Left to Right :Kok Kee Boo, the late Kamaruddin Rahim and myself

A Lovely Bunny to Hold and Behold: Those were the Days!

Halcyon days in Makati Metro-Manila. The Year 1980.

The last Playboy Club in Asia.

The waves were sweeping all over Asia against such establishments.

We were opportune to visit the Playboy Club. No locals are allowed.

Furnishing our passports, we were led by their PROs into a hall.

We sat down, were offered a drink.

Then the bunnies trooped in.

Yes, they were beguiling.

I cannot remember how much we paid that night.

The experience was priceless.

I heard soon afterwards, the Playboy Club closed down . Playboy Clubs ceased to exist in Asia and the Far East from then onward up to this date on the death of Hugh Hefner.

Two photographs that bear testimony of our experience in time and place.

It was in many ways, our blessings!

September 21, 2017

My God's Blessed Day..19 September 2017...Truly...

Coming Alive Again
With some trepidation, I arrived at my PBB branch at SEAPARK. It was about 3.30 pm and after accompanying my good friend, Dr. Lee to Hong Leong Bank. He has just recovered from a triple bypass and it was the first day he took his " baby steps " out of his home.

I took my number from the queue machine and awaited my turn. The crowd was sparse. Then I responded to my number being called; the officer took my thumbprint; and thereafter gave me my bank balance.

A smile came to my face. Yes, it was true that the withdrawal was less than the stipulated amount of RM 2,099 . Meaning.....it was my last payment on a decision to buy a dodgy office property committed in 2014. To date, no one wants to rent the property thanks to two wicked souls! We would not speak of these devils who have brought down the property market.

Good things then began to happen as I put into  gear my resolve to begin to settle all the swallowing debts encircling me................

First to bring me some inner satisfaction was that I have settled the full amount of about RM 1,800 that my son has advanced to me to replace the automatic gates outside our old yet to be repainted home. Then my arrears on my Indah Water was paid and I am no longer their concern. Done my bit for the environment.

Next, to end  my payment issue with ACCA Global. I wrote an email to Lay Choo to help me resolve this black hole of a payment issue.

The next target was London Pacific Insurance (LPI)....an insurance company which has got its heart in the wrong place. Money bedevils....this is a true case! I rang and spoke to Belinda on 21 September and told her about these unnecessary payments that I have been saddled with from her Sylockian company. Each year my property, Avenue Crest, pays a Master Fire Policy on behalf of its unit-holders. LPI got the money and the hurrah!....but just because I took a commercial loan from their sister company, PBB... they conveniently issue a single policy on my unit for RM 800+, double insuring the unit!. I had this problem in 2015-2016 but somehow managed to get a credit note to rationalise this issue. In the ensuing year of 2016-2017, LPI again got back to their menace and sent me a policy for that period, hammering me down by another RM 800. It's confirmed that LPI is a leech! I had some problems with CB Land, the developer of Avenue Crest then and could not obtain the copy of the fire master policy for Avenue Crest. In August 2017, for the period 2017-2018, again the LPI wrote me another new policy. Banggang! So, Belinda of Customer Service of LPI, taking cognizance of my concern, assured me the current new policy will be cancelled and the premium returned  to me. As for the 2016-2017 policy premium ..they will look into it once PBB Taipan USJ gave an indication  in black and white of my full loan repayment.

So now I have to resolve my outstanding issue with PBB. I spoke to Miss Chung. Initially she was being procedural but I was adamant that she see the urgency in my matter with LPI. After some initial difficult pauses, she agreed to send me a response provided I write an email to her requesting for the letter. I will do it soon.

I then next set my sights on the Joint Property Management  Board of Avenue Crest.  I spoke to Siti and could also see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I must pay the arrears in terms of the management fees, sink fund and water.. They also will entertain  a waiver of the interest they have been levying against me. I should be able to resolve this in time.

As for my credit card bills, it will be slowly paid up too in time. They do not concern me too much.

I think I can see better days before me with shoulders less yoked by debts and uncertainties.

Thank God. Praise the Lord!

August 30, 2017

In a Funk....: Moods of 1970/71 MHS

We Did it OUR WAY!

It had to take place. New Lotus Restaurant, 12.00 noon, on 18 August 2017.

So we all met. Richard before he leaves for Milton Keynes, Doris and hubby coming up form JB and myself busing down from PJ.

An uproarious time reminiscent of the funky moods of 1970 and 1971 Malacca High School.

Great company, great champagne and wahloi..karaoke!

richard and me shares some songs together...My Way!


and Mr Boo,
Pauline Lim,
Yoke Eng,
Phek Kim,
Joo Lian,
Choon Seng,
and Linda Yong

We shall meet again CNY 2018

Having fun!

Some Humorous Incidents

Two interesting incidents.

Tan Sri Rahman could not get in after 5 tries to get into the approach road of Armada Hotel. He left afterwards.

Two other ladies came on 18th August instead...

Also many could not turn up because of health and domestic reasons.

Ang Saw Aim

Ladies Special Photo


Suresh Kumari

The Bosses: Logan, Param, Rajan, Rizal and Sanjoy

Phang Sow Yoong, Annie, Usdi, Samsiah, ....  and Zaini Add caption

Some Concerns but Overall Success! 17th August USM Gathering and Lunch at the Armada PJ

Thank God for some sponsors.

We managed to sponsor the Alumni USM staff, Hasz and Nurul to be with us, to promote Balik Kampus Event on 26-27 August; to increase life membership for the Alumni as well as provide prizes for Balik Kampus competitions.

Accounts tallied  and that was great!

My thanks to the Event Day Panel: Say Chuan, Richard, Param and  Yau Kok and the help of Ang Joyee,Harz and Nurul and Dr. Tan , Bendahari USM!

The 17th August Breakout

So, its was  with some  trepidation that I took the baton...but with total exhilaration that we all savour the sweet succulent success of a successful operation!

We had 70 attendees including three staff and one guest.. and some operation concerns.

Otherwise our ship sailed in!


The success in photos!

June 30, 2017

Remembering Noriyah Ahmad

Noriyah seated ever demurely behind.....another one lost this year 2017

Paths do cross and then we leave our footsteps in history over fading time.

Such was the case with Noriyah Ahmad.

A  dimpled smile, a canary-sweet voice lady from Kedah with a sprite in her voice and those eyes...... she was a prize to catch!

She was manja.

"Manja' in Malay means "beguiling".

Noriyah left us on 28 June 2017....

We only have fond memories left of her.

Its the GPS of life.....

We were here at a certain time and at a certain place each time....

This was our time....

We were richer to have met and know Noriyah.

In our own way, lets bade her goodbye and may God put her on His right side where all His favoured people sit.