May 03, 2010

Writing an Informal Letter-Format and Exercise

We had an exercise on how to go about writing a formal letter recently. We will now have an exercise to write an informal letter.

Let us review the format of both formal letters and informal letters again. We write informal letters to family members and friends but we write formal letters to organizations, societies, companies and clubs.

      Let us look at the format and content of a formal letter once again.

                    INFORMAL LETTER                  

·     Sender’s address  on the top  right hand corner
·     Start with Sender’s name on the first line at  the top let hand corner
Follow with the address of the sender
·      Date of letter directly below sender’s address
·     Draw a line across below the sender’s address
·     Write the recipient  post followed by the   address next
·     At the end of the address, on the right hand side, write the date
·         Friendly salutation,  “ Dear….“
 Write the salutation-“Dear Sir/ Madam”
·         Friendly introduction
Write the title for the subject of the letter.
Underline it.
·         Purpose of letter
 Write purpose of the letter
·         Background information
Next is the body of the letter:
Purpose should be briefly spelled out
·         Conclusion
·    Conclusion     
·    Giving thanks
·         Signing off- “Your loving……”
·    Signing off- “Yours faithfully/sincerely……”
·         Signature at the bottom right hand corner
·     Signature at bottom of left hand
·     Write designation below signature

Let us look at a sample of an informal letter.

Address of Sender

45,Jalan Kemboja 6,
Taman Kaya Mewah,
733900 Petaling Jaya,
   Selangor Darul Ehsan 

3 May 2010

Dear Penny,
Friendly Introduction
    How have you been? I haven’t heard from you for ages since we said goodbye to each other at the Bayan Lepas International Airport last November. How are you? In the pink of health, I hope. How are your parents? I do hope you mother is doing well in her law practice.

    I know this is an important year for you as you are taking the PMR examinations. Do study hard and you will get what you wish for.
Main Body:
I     I am writing to inform you that my family will be migrating to London in October this year.My elder brother who is a cardiologist in Manchester has completed all the documentation needed for our emigration and while we are eager to leave for this new exciting country, we are also sad to leave all our relatives and friends behind. Dad says it is for the better as education is better for me and my brother, Jerome in UK and he himself could find a job quite easily there with a renowned computer software company.

I       So before I leave for London, I intend to pay you a visit soon. I am quite free during the month of August and if it is no trouble to you, I could fly in on Air Asia on any of the week-end so that we can spend some time together. We had so much fun the last time,remember?
II hope to receive a reply from you soon. Meanwhile do take care and send my regards to your parents and also to your sister, Sally.
Signing off
Yours sincerely,
Caithlin Jane

Now by following the format and example above, you too can do an assignment to test your skill in informal letter writing as well. 


You would like to invite your good friend Corey Lee to come and stay at your house for the long school holidays after the PMR examinations. Francis is your good friend but he is no longer living in Petaling Jaya as his father was transferred to work as the Regional Manager of a Multinational company in Kulim in Kedah in February 2010. In your letter, describe what both of you could do together during the holidays if he should come and stay with you.

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