January 17, 2010

Flipping Fantastic

This is the short story that Form One students have to do in 2011. The story is unexciting to say the least and focuses on the conflict afflicting two twins as they struggle to attend new schools after finishing their primary schooling. The whole story is based on the diary pages of the twins and their mother.

The language is simple but the twists and turns by constantly referring to the diary pages is not a very 'user-friendly'exercise and may lead students to be confused about this short story and invite boredom.

Let us just get a gist of what Jane Langford's short story,"Flipping Fantastic" is all about

Two twin brothers who are ever dependent on each other are at a cross-road in the lives after finishing primary school. While physically challenged Tristan will go to a special boarding school,James will attend day school just like most of their friends.

The exposition is at the final year concert. Tristan,apparently, having a more vocal and outward personality, played the main role as Tom Sawyer while James had only a line to verbalise.As far as Tristan and his mother are concerned, the concert went on well. James flt a bit sheepish after fumbling on his lines.

Then they started grappling with the issues that will confront them at their new schools Both felt that their twin brother will need them. Tristan was overcome by doubts that he wanted to join James too at Highfields. For a while, James was happy with the new development. Then, remembering that he should stand on his own, Tristan finally changed back his mind and proceed to go to Chesterlea Grange.

As people adapt to circumstances,Tristan started loving his school which he described as 'flipping fantastic' while James was happy to have Kiara Jones whom he likes for moral support at the new school. That makes the boys' mother extremely happy as all the issues have resolved themselves out.

It is a classic "All's well that ends well' story with little dramatics.

The English is simple and should be comprehensible to those who regularly read English books.

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